Robert Lukumay nominated for Tanzania Young Professionals Awards

Robert Lukumay, manager SME Impact Fund, is nominated for this year’s Tanzania Young Professionals Awards, due to his efforts to improve the lives of small and medium scale farmers in Tanzania.

Robert Lukumay’s story represents the spirit of hard work that is being embraced by young Tanzanians. It also exhibits his thirst for success, while not excluding a desire to elevate the lives of other Tanzanians.

Robert: “I truly believe agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy. By providing loans, skills and knowledge to small and medium enterprises in agricultural value chains, we unlock the agricultural potential of East Africa. I am proud to be able to contribute in a meaningful way to Tanzania’s economic development.” 

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Afbeelding: photo Robert
Robert (right) admires a maize plantation belonging to one of the farmers he supports through the SME Impact Fund.

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