Match Maker Fund Management (MMFM) team on training

MMFM team attended SME Credit Processing Program in Nakuru, Kenya. The training was organized by The African Guarantee Fund for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (AGF) in collaboration with the African Management Services Company B.V. (AMSCO). It was conducted on 16th -18th September at The Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha. The MMFM team explained that the training was very useful and relevant to what they are doing.

It was a highly interactive 3 days Programme, with the objective of imparting practical skills and expertise regarding SME Lending Process. The programme was designed to equip all participants within SME banking/lending environment with requisite tools and capabilities to effectively manage their SME loan portfolio by correctly targeting and selecting SME customers, originating and initiating quality loans and effectively managing entire credit cycle.  The Training Programme was focused on the following key areas of SME banking/lending business topics:

  • SME Target Market Identification, Selection and Client Acquisition techniques;
  • SME Credit Origination and Initiation Techniques;
  • Appropriate SME Loan Appraisal Techniques including Credit Scoring
  • SME Loan Structuring Techniques
  • Available SME Loan De-Risking Facilities
  • SME Portfolio Monitoring Processes and Techniques
  • SME Problem Loan Remedial Management Techniques
  • SME Loan Recovery Processes and Techniques
  • SME Cross- and Up-Selling Techniques.

We, the MMFM team, found the training very inspiring and it provided numerous practical tools and tips that enables us to enhance our work as Fund-manager.

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