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Managing Partner: Henri van der Land
Henri van der Land (Netherlands, 1956) is a business economist with almost 30 years of experience in SME development, agribusiness investments and fund management. He has worked in Zambia as an administrator and fund manager of the USD 1m ZDCU fund, providing working capital and long-term loans to SMEs in agribusiness. Together with Peniel Uliwa he later managed the USD 3m Juhudi Credit Scheme with the CRBD in Tanzania. Henri has been living and working in Africa since 1987 and has been a permanent Tanzanian resident since 1994.

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Managing Partner: Peniel Uliwa
Peniel Uliwa (Tanzania, 1957) is a business economist with over 25 years of experience in SME development and agribusiness investments. He also holds a Master of Science from the University of Dortmund (Germany). Not only has he managed an SME guarantee fund in Zimbabwe, but he also contributes an in-depth understanding of the East African agribusiness sector and a vast and relevant network. Together with Henri van der Land he managed the Juhudi Credit Scheme with the CRDB in Tanzania.

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Chief Executive Officer: Allert Mentink
Allert Mentink (Netherlands, 1969) is a financial planner with extensive experience as a SME and private banker, complemented by hands-on experience as an entrepreneur and many years in senior management at triple A bank Rabobank. He holds a Master in Financial Planning. His last job in Europe before joining MMFM was managing a team of 30 highly skilled banking and investment professionals. He then gained hands-on banking experience in Tanzania at Access Bank in Dar es Salaam. Allert joined MMFM in 2011 and is responsible for executing the investment strategy.

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Investment Manager: Robert Lukumay
Robert Lukumay (Tanzania, 1985) has more than four years of experience in SME banking and agribusiness. He contributes an extensive local network in the financial sector. Robert also holds a Bachelor of Art and an MBA. He joined MMFM in 2013. In 2015 he won the Tanzanian Young Professionals Award, due to his efforts to improve the lives of small and medium scale farmers in Tanzania.

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Credit Risk Administrator: Jovitus Rutakinikwa
Jovitus Rutakinikwa (Tanzania, 1974) will be assessing and monitoring credit risks before and during financing. He is also responsible for administering the Fund, including running the Portfolio Monitoring Tool and reporting to stakeholders. Jovitus has extensive experience in banking and recovery. He holds a Bachelor in Economics, Policy and Planning. He joined MMFM in 2014.

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Investment Officer: Patrick Mujuni
Patrick Mujuni (Tanzania, 1985) holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship Development) from Mzumbe University (2008). He has five years’ experience working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Tanzania. He has two years’ experience as a banker and three years as the project officer in Rural Business Service Support (RBSS), a project funded by IFAD through Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing and managed by Match Maker Associates. Patrick joined MMFM in 2014.