Business Development Services

The BDS-team supports Match Maker Fund Management by identifying prospects for the SME Impact Fund. And also by building the capacity of the small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) so that they are able to apply the loans in an effective manner. The business development services target agricultural value chains in East Africa, initially in Tanzania, with specific attention for value chains that include smallholder farmers. The service is available to SMEs before, during and after the investment. This approach enables them to apply and utilise the loans effectively.

The BDS advisors deliver hands-on capacity building support to SMEs, such as:

  • Analysing the past performance of the company;
  • Setting up (tailor made) basic books of accounts;
  • Developing a medium term business plan;
  • Projecting multi annual profit and loss account and balance sheet;
  • Collecting impact baseline data and agreeing on benchmarks;
  • Supporting compliance of the business with Tanzanian laws and regulations.

They do this by being at the premises of the SMEs for 5 to 10 days and working closely together with the owner and the staff. Hereafter, they coach the SME by phone and e-mail as well as follow up visits.

Other financial institutions also start realising how important it is to combine BDS support with financial services. Our BDS advisors have already provided a training to clients of BRAC – a well know micro finance institution from Bangladesh – and also trained their loan officers and project managers. Furthermore, the BDS advisors trained clients of EFTA – a financial institution that provide lease financing up.