Bale Eco-Region Sustainable Management Programme

Over a four-month period in 2008 and 2009, Match Maker provided a range of support services to the Bale Eco-Region Sustainable Management Programme, which was being jointly implemented by FARM-Africa, SOS Sahel and the Government of Ethiopia. Match Maker analysed bamboo, coffee, honey and ecotourism value chains as well as providing a training-of-trainers course and mentoring local entrepreneurs.

verseas Development Institute (ODI)

In 2008 Match Maker was contracted to supply technical support to the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), which was implementing the project ‘Enhancing Private Sector and Community Engagement in Tourism Services in Ethiopia’. Match Maker researched linkages between agricultural supply chains and the tourism sector in four sites across the country.
Workshop on Value Chain Competence
Also in 2008 Match Maker facilitated a tailor-made workshop on Value Chain Competence for technical consultants working for the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), the Engineering Capacity Building Program (ECBP) of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO).

SOS Sahel

In 2006 Match Maker supported SOS Sahel, a UK-based non-governmental organisation specialising in food security and natural resources management. SOS Sahel was in the process of implementing the Community Initiatives Promotion component of the Kafa Development Programme and contracted Match Maker to establish a master plan for developing storage, processing and marketing facilities of agricultural products. Following economic mapping, forest coffee, honey and cardamom were selected for further study. Recommendations for upgrading centred on issues of post-harvest handling, the formation of associations or cooperatives, and the establishment of new markets.

Netherlands Development Organisation

Match Maker began working in Ethiopia during 2004 after being appointed by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) to formulate a support programme for farmers’ organisations. This resulted in the project ‘Support to Business Organisations and their Access to Markets in Ethiopia’ (BOAM), which was funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy and the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland. BOAM was formulated using participatory methods that led to a technical project document that focused on improving agricultural supply chains and strengthening farmers’ organisations.